Types of Plastic Caps Available

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Types of Plastic Caps Available

18 January 2017
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When you think of plastic caps, your mind might immediately jump to bottle caps, but these are not the same thing at all. These plastic caps are made of a more pliable, almost rubber-like material. You can also order all of them in a custom size, having multiple choices in the width and length.

Uses of Plastic Caps

Plastic caps have a variety of uses, depending on the size and shape you buy. You can use these caps on handles of household tools to make your hands be more comfortable and have a stronger grip. Another shape may fit a larger tool in an industrial environment. Some of the caps have holes that can be used for hanging your tool. You can also use these caps for protection against sharp objects. They cover up that dangerous table corner in your house or the banister.

If you have a small family-owned business, you can embed the plastic caps with your logo. This provides a way of advertisement as you could incorporate them in some sort of gift for those outside your business. The possibilities are endless. Last of all, you can use them to produce a tight seal that will not allow moisture inside. Here, you will see two of the most popular types of plastic caps and how they can be used.

Hanger Caps

Hanger caps have a round end that can be made wider or thinner to fit around your tool. The other end has a sturdy hole that you can use to hang your tool on a hook. The plastic cap grips your tool in such a way that it will not slip off when it is hanging. You are assured quality with this style plastic cap. While most of the hanger caps generally have a round shape, some also come in a square shape so that truly all of your tools will be able to be addressed.

Angle Caps

Angle caps are the kind of caps you would buy if you want to cover the corner of a table, the edge of a banister, or the doorframe. These caps are mostly used in the home when small children are just learning to walk or easily run into things. These plastic caps will protect your children from hurting themselves. These plastic caps are made in such a way so that they won't crack or split even with changes in the weather and shifting wood. They will provide a snug fit that will not fall or come loose.