Setting Up Shop? Seek Aluminium Fabrication Services When Outfitting Your Space

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Setting Up Shop? Seek Aluminium Fabrication Services When Outfitting Your Space

31 January 2017
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Setting up a shop, be it a cafe, a clinic or a store, demands that you seek the very best when it comes to outfitting. Aluminium fits perfectly into this equation for a number of reasons. Aluminium can be fabricated to form any product you need. And not only that, but your aluminium products can receive a number of finishes such as powder coating or polishing to give them that custom look that you want. Below, see some ideas of the different products you could source in aluminium.

Sinks and worktops 

Most business premises need a cleaning or preparation area. This mostly applies to businesses where sale or packaging of food items is involved. Aluminium is great for sinks and worktops where such processes can be undertaken. Aluminium is easy to clean and does not stain easily. This will make your maintenance work easy and quick. Aluminium also won't corrode or break/tear easily, so longevity is equally as good. 

Tables and chairs

You can also ask your aluminium fabrication outlet to prepare tables and chairs for you. Being light and durable, aluminium is a great alternative to timber. And in addition to that, you can have the aluminium blended with timber if you want to have attributes of both. There are lots of designs to try out; your fabricator can show you different design options to make it easier for you to choose. 

Shelves and display units

If yours is a retail shop, you can install aluminium display units and shelves. Display units can be used to showcase different products, either at the counter or behind the storefront window. Aluminium is used even for food items because it's very easy to keep clean. So even if yours is a bakery, fruit store, grocery or meat outlet, you can still apply aluminium. You can also get shelving units for storage and display.

Handrails and balustrades

Fabricated aluminium is also great for architectural applications. Some great ideas are handrails and balustrades. These are great for entrance points, balconies, parapets and staircases. Like many other people, you can keep the aluminium plain for a modern look, or you can blend it with timber or glass for a more contemporary look.

Signage frames

Last but not least, you can also use aluminium for signage frames around your business premises. Aluminium frames are great for this because they look good, they blend well anywhere, and they're light. They can be used to mount LED signs, canvas signs, and any other types of signage. They can even be used for wall art mounting.

An aluminium fabricator can walk you through all the design options that best apply to your installation. And in addition to design and fabrication, they can also install the finished products in your premises.