Tools and Supplies for DIY Plastic Fabrication Projects

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Tools and Supplies for DIY Plastic Fabrication Projects

14 February 2017
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One of the leading DIY projects in social media is in plastic fabrication. There are several plastic fabrication projects you can make on your own. Some of these include plastic storage bins made from recycled plastic, cell phone chargers and holders, and backlight artwork. If you are going to do any of these projects, the first thing you will need are the right tools and supplies. Here are a few of the basic ones to consider and what they can do for your DIY plastic fabrication project.

Plastic Grade Handheld Sander

One of the key tools you will need for smoothing plastics and creating smooth and clean edges is a plastic grade handheld sander. Most sanders work with any type of material and rely on the sandpaper or other accessories to deal with the material on a coarse to fine grain level. What you will need is the sander and the special grain of paper that is designed for plastics or similar acrylic-like surfaces. This will make sure you are just smoothing down edges and not causing damage or deep scratches to the project. You can also find polishing papers to use on the sander to help finish the projects off.

Heat Guns

Having a handheld heat gun is vital for your plastic molding and fabrication. You want a heat gun that has adjustable heat and blows the heat onto the work surface. This will help you heat specific areas and mold the plastic into the shapes you need. The heat guns can be purchased at most hardware stores, but finding one with the adjustable heat may be slightly difficult. If you have trouble finding one, consider looking for a heat gun that is designed for polishing shoes. They do have adjustments for the heat and are small enough to use for a variety of plastic fabrication projects.

Plastic Welder

You may already know about welding machines when it comes to metal fabrication, but you may not know there are plastic fabrication welders as well. You can buy a small plastic welding set that has the basics for your DIY plastic fabrication projects including the flux that is needed for plastic welding. This will help you connect panels to make boxes or other plastic projects. You will need clamps to hold the welded plastic panels in place while they dry, but the welder will save you time and help you keep an all plastic option for your project rather than going with glues that may or may not hold.

These are only three of the basic plastic fabrication tools you will need for DIY projects. If you are interested in expanding into bigger projects, consider visiting a hobby store that specializes in plastic fabrication kits, or visit your local hardware store.