Reasons to Powder Coat Your Race Car Chassis

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Reasons to Powder Coat Your Race Car Chassis

17 February 2017
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Owning a race car is a dream for most racing enthusiasts. This is especially true if you take part in car races for recreational purposes. As with any race car, you want yours to appeal to both fans and sponsors alike. One way to improve or maintain the appearance of the body of your race car is by painting it. However, while the body would benefit from a great look, a beat up or worn out chassis will offer great contrast to the general condition of your race car. In this regard, you can use two techniques to improve your chassis, that is, painting or powder coating. Powder coating your chassis has various advantages over the traditional painting process. This article explores the merits of powder coating.

Ease of Process -- The process of powder coating is very easy and straightforward and can be done without any incidence after a few tries on a piece of metal scrap. However, for best results, you must ensure that the surface of the chassis is well prepared before you begin the powder coating exercise. Prior to the process, for instance, take time and sandblast the chassis to eliminate any rust or worn out paint. Proper preparation will ensure that the powder granules used in the powder coat adhere properly.

Protective Capabilities -- The chassis on your racing car is exposed to severe conditions. For example, it is hit by hard particles underneath the car as well as exposure to rust. Therefore, you should take measures to protect the chassis from chipping, scratching and rusting. Powder coating is the best bet for your chassis as it offers protection from the above-mentioned agents. While paint will prevent rusting, the paint will chip in case the chassis metal bends slightly from an impact. You can prevent this by using a powder coat, as it will simply flex upon impact. Powder coating also protects your chassis from leaking corrosive spillages such as brake fluids.

Uniformity -- Uniformity is critical concerning the look of your racing car. When you use paint on your chassis, chances are that you will be left with drips, runs, or both, and these do not provide a seamless look. On the other hand, powder coating avoids all these painting defects, which is attributed to the spraying method. For instance, the powder coat is not sprayed directly onto the chassis. Instead, it is sprayed as a mist into air, and the metal chassis attracts the fine plastic particles. Therefore, this technique allows for uniformity in the coating process.