Pressure Pipes: The Pros and Cons of Using Anaerobic Resin Compound Sealers

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Pressure Pipes: The Pros and Cons of Using Anaerobic Resin Compound Sealers

21 June 2017
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Teflon, pipe dope and anaerobic resin compound sealers can all be used to seal pipe sections that have been joined. Each of those options has its own pros and cons. This article discusses the pros and cons of using anaerobic resin compounds to seal pressure pipes.

What They Are

Anaerobic resin compounds are sealing products that start curing once air is excluded from a pipe joint. These sealers do not contain any solvents that have to evaporate in order for the product to set. The sealer can be applied on pressure pipe threads using a spatula or brush.

Advantages of Anaerobic Resin Compounds

Slow Curing Times. Anaerobic resin compounds cure over several hours. This time lag allows you to make any needed adjustments to the pressure pipe system that you are installing so that it performs according to specifications. This is unlike other sealants, such as dope sealers, which give a small window for making adjustments before they set.

They Are Structurally Stable. Anaerobic resin sealants don't contain any substances that evaporate over time. Thus, the sealant will fill any voids within the threads of the pressure pipes so that a tight seal is formed. This seal does not degrade with the passage of time. You will therefore have no reason to fear that the pressure pipes will develop leaks due to shrinking of the sealant.

They Are Durable. Anaerobic resin sealants are the most durable type of sealers that you can use in your pressure pipe system. The sealants are made from very strong substances that can withstand vibrations, high pressures and high temperatures. This is unlike products like Teflon that can break apart when pipes are being tightened.

The Disadvantages of Anaerobic Resin Compounds

Compatibility Issues May Arise. One must be careful when using anaerobic resin sealants because their chemical composition may be affected by the chemical composition of the pressure pipes that the sealer is being used with. This is particularly true for plastic fittings and pipes.

Long Wait Times. The slow rate at which anaerobic resin sealants cure means that you may be unable to use your pressure pipes to transport fluids for about 24-hours. This delay is necessary in order to prevent leaks that may occur when the sealer hasn't yet set fully.

Weigh the pros and cons above before you use anaerobic resin compounds to seal joints in pressure pipes. You can also consult pressure pipe experts so that they suggest how you can work with this material without any issues.