Three Benefits of Dye Casting Over Injection Molding

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Three Benefits of Dye Casting Over Injection Molding

30 November 2017
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Dye casting is an option for companies, contractors, or manufacturers who need multiple units of complex designs. In some cases, this type of manufacturing may be done with injection molding techniques. If you are now considering a dye casting method rather than injection molding for your business's manufacturing needs, you may be wondering what the benefits of the change would be. Here are a few of those benefits.


One of the main reasons that many businesses use the dye casting method is the benefit of high accuracy. This can be vital if the dye casting is for a mechanical part that must work precisely each time. For example, you may have pieces of a firearm created through dye casting. If that is the case, accuracy is vital. This may take slightly longer than an injection molding method, but the accuracy may mean more than the time spent depending on your dye casting object and needs.

Reduced Additional Machinery

With an injection molding method, you may need secondary machinery in order to clean up the dye cast object or to perform other steps in the process. A benefit of dye casting is the reduced additional or secondary machinery that is needed for the process. This can cut down on costs if the dye casting is being done on site. It can also increase the rate of mass production, which can help reduce costs in other manufacturing steps along the way. The reduced need for additional machinery can also mean less maintenance expenses since less equipment is required.

Multiple Casting at Once

With the right dye casting machines, you may be able to achieve having much larger quantities produced at once. This can be significant if you have larger orders to fill or other steps in the manufacturing process that depend on quality manufacturing at a fast rate. With an injection mold, you can still have large quantities produced; however, they may not be able to be produced in the larger amounts that dye casting can offer.

Though these are only a few of the benefits to using a dye casting method, they are some of the main benefits that appeal to many manufacturers. If you think that dye casting may be ideal, contact a local dye casting professional for pricing as well as a consultation on what they may be able to offer for your various projects. They can also help if you have questions or concerns about having the dye casting done on-site.