3 Steps To Plan A Fitout For Your Restaurant's Kitchen

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3 Steps To Plan A Fitout For Your Restaurant's Kitchen

28 March 2018
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When you run a restaurant, your kitchen is at the core of everything you do. Without a good design and fitout, you won't be able to run your food business as efficiently as possible. Here are some steps to help you plan the perfect commercial kitchen fitout to maximise efficiency and minimise wastage.

Check With Local Council About All Safety And Fire Codes

Before getting into any fitout, make sure your plans are approved by your local council, especially those with respect to fire and safety codes. The space must be designed in a manner that meets all safety requirements. For example, certain rules may exist about the distance between food prep areas and waste disposal areas. There may also be rules about ventilation and temperature capacity. Make sure you have a copy of all the safety and fire codes so that your restaurant fitout is planned in accordance with them, or you may risk fines later.

Establish The Type Of Equipment You Will Need In The Kitchen

The type of food you plan to prepare will determine the equipment you need in the kitchen. For example, are you planning on running a fast food chain with lots of burgers and chips on offer? In this instance, you will need plenty of space for fryers and proper ventilation. On the other hand, are you planning to prepare lots of baked items like pastries, cookies and sausage rolls? You will need to allow for space for large ovens to be installed. Plan your foods carefully and make a list of equipment you will need for your food prep and refrigeration. You will also need to account for storage equipment for raw materials not in use.

Consider Whether You Want A Closed Or Open Kitchen

You will also need to decide what kind of kitchen you want, whether closed or open. Open plan kitchens have become a trend, so customers can enjoy a little theatre while they eat. But everything will always be on display, so you have to choose your design wisely. A closed kitchen allows you more flexibility in terms of organisation, but offers less interaction with customers. Consider what works best for your restaurant. For example, if you want your customers to be part of your cooking process, then an open plan kitchen is the right choice.

Follow these steps when planning a fitout for your restaurant's kitchen for the best results.