Why your business needs a waste oil collection service

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Why your business needs a waste oil collection service

2 October 2019
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Waste oil can be a serious pollutant -- and a headache to get rid of. If your business produces a lot of waste oil, here are some reasons why you might want to contact a waste oil collection service:

Peace of mind

If your waste oil is starting to build up, you will need to find a way of storing it and disposing of it quickly. By outsourcing this problem to a collection service, you will not have to worry about it again. Services can arrange a regular collection, ensuring there is never any build-up, or come on an ad hoc basis as needed. Either way, your time and energy will be freed up for your core business.

Reduced costs

Because used oil is so valuable, many companies will collect it for free, whereas others will only make a small charge. This can significantly save on the costs of disposing of it yourself.

Other waste

Many companies will not only collect your oil, but will also collect oily rags, oily water, used oil containers and oil filters as well as the oil itself. This can make your waste disposal considerably easier.


A waste oil disposal service will be able to provide documentation that the oil has been collected and disposed of responsibly. This will provide evidence that you may need to show your council that you have complied with environmental regulations.

Environmental impact

Oil is not soluble in water, so it can cause serious problems when it winds up in a landfill, sewerage or waterway. By having the oil recycled, it can stay in a closed-loop system in which it never finds it way into the environment, but instead remains a useful product.

Recycled product

Collected waste oil goes through a re-refining process. Firstly water and other solids are removed from the oil, then it goes through a distillation process which removes any remaining impurities and contaminants. This creates new base and fuel oils which can be sold, reducing the country's reliance on virgin crude oil, and reducing costs for the businesses that buy this recycled oil. In fact, you could save more money by looking into whether you can buy recycled oil yourself.

The cost and environmental savings mean that a collection service is the smart way of disposing of your waste oil. Contact one in your area today and your business will be greener as well as more efficient.