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Servicing a flour mill

Flour mills are an important part of the food chain, turning grain into usable floors. A lot of people don't realise how much can end up getting put into the flour mills and all the work that we do to make sure that your flour is pure and perfect to cook with. Although flour mills are a technical process, it can be a lot of fun to work in the flour mills. This blog has some tips and information on some of the technical aspects of turning wheat and grains into flour and other basic information on processing and manufacturing information.


3 Hidden Benefits of Waste Oil Recycling for Businesses

4 December 2020
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Gone are the days when companies would use industrial oil once and dump it immediately after that. Thanks to advancements in technology, businesses can collect their used oil, clean it, and reuse it several times. Some of the expected benefits of recycling waste oil include protection of the environment, cost-saving, and energy conservation. However, companies can profit indirectly by recycling waste oil. This article highlights the hidden benefits of recycling waste oil. Read More …

What Is the Difference between MIG and TIG Welding?

13 October 2020
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If you have two pieces of metal that you need to join together permanently, welding is the accepted process. Yet there are different ways to approach this task, and it's easy to become confused when confronted with the various terminology. For example, what is the difference between MIG and TIG welding, and which approach should you choose? Inert Gas Both of these different welding techniques use an inert gas to help them heat and fuse the relevant pieces of metal together. Read More …

Why Bronze Castings Are Still So Useful In Todays Day And Age

2 July 2020
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Bonze has been used for thousands of years in a variety of different industries. While bronze castings have continued to be popular in the arts for sculptures, many people might not realise that bronze also has a lot of practical applications in today's world. If you are considering using bronze castings to create a tool or item for your own purpose then you should know about all the inherent benefits that bronze brings to the table so you can make an informed choice. Read More …