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Flour mills are an important part of the food chain, turning grain into usable floors. A lot of people don't realise how much can end up getting put into the flour mills and all the work that we do to make sure that your flour is pure and perfect to cook with. Although flour mills are a technical process, it can be a lot of fun to work in the flour mills. This blog has some tips and information on some of the technical aspects of turning wheat and grains into flour and other basic information on processing and manufacturing information.


5 Reasons to Use a Waste Oil Recycling Service

5 January 2022
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Oil is incredibly useful, but disposing of it can be a problem. If you pour used oil down the drain, you could end up facing a big plumbing bill. Disposing of oil in this irresponsible way can also harm the environment. Using a waste oil recycling service is a much safer and more eco-friendly way of handling your waste oil disposal. Here are a few reasons to consider recycling your used oil. Read More …