Mining Technology: Benefits of Fabric Covered Mining Structures

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Mining Technology: Benefits of Fabric Covered Mining Structures

30 January 2017
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Mining technology has come a long way from the time mine structures were built in the form of steel buildings to presently, when fabric-covered mining structures are preferred. The fabric-covered mining structures have benefited the mining sector by providing flexibility in utilization of the structure. For instance, they are portable, which was not the case with steel structures, and they are less costly. Therefore, they reduce construction time and provide return on investment. Here are some other reasons why fabric-covered mining structures are taking mining technology to the next level.


The installation of fabric-covered mining structures is an essential factor in the mining industry. The industry is seasonal and, at times, requires movement into places that have severe weather conditions. Therefore, the shelter offered by these fabric-covered structures makes harsh conditions manageable.  


The material that the fabric is made from is translucent. Therefore, miners get to work in an environment that is adequately lit. This is essential as the natural light provides the miners with the morale that they need. Dark spaces tend to demoralize productivity. In addition, letting in natural light reduces on the cost of lighting up the mining structure during the day.


Mining of gas and oil requires constant movement from one point to the next. For this reason, using fabric-covered mining structures makes movement easier. In addition, once mining endeavours are complete, it is imperative to remediate the sites back to their original state. When fabric-covered structures are used, this remediation is made easier. The miners do not have to leave the mining structures at the site. This is the reason that oil, gas and sand mines are taking on fabric-covered mining structures. They get to move with the structures from site to site. This was impossible when steel buildings were used.


Fabric-covered mining structures are highly customizable. Miners get to customize the structures regarding the size they require them in all dimensions including width, length, and height. Vehicles used in the site will have enough space to manoeuvre within the structure. Hanging loads, fire suppression systems, conveyors, and cranes can be placed within the fabric-covered structure.  

In addition, you can customize ventilation systems, include multiple doors, add a canopy if you wish to connect a different building and many more custom designs you want at the mining site.  

It is certain that fabric-covered mining structures are the future in mining as they may entirely replace the steel structures due to these benefits. As such, the future of mining may be standardized by such technologies.