4 Tips to Consider When Selecting Goal Posts

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4 Tips to Consider When Selecting Goal Posts

7 February 2017
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Are you planning to buy goal posts for the junior team at your school? Read on and discover some of the tips that will help you to select the best goal posts for your needs.


Goal posts are made from several materials, such as steel, aluminium or plastic. Each of these materials has its own pros and cons. For instance, steel is very strong and durable. However, the steel goal posts can be tedious to move in case the goal posts aren't permanently fixed onto the field. It is therefore wise for you to select a material after considering your needs. For instance, you can opt for lighter aluminium goal posts in case those posts won't be permanently fixed into the ground.

Anchorage Method

Some goal posts are designed to be locked into place. Others can be bolted into place using nuts or screws. Lockable goal posts are safer from vandals. The goal posts with nuts and bolts can easily be stolen by anyone with readily available DIY tools, such as a spanner. It may be better for you to buy the lockable goal posts so that you reduce the risk that those goal posts will be stolen or vandalised.

The Mesh Size

Buy goal posts whose nets have a small mesh size, such as those that are 100mm wide. Such a mesh size will be safer for the kids playing because their heads will stand a lower risk of being trapped within the goal post mesh.

Wheel Swivel

Schools that own artificial turfs usually prefer to buy removable goal posts. Such goal posts usually have wheels that enable the goal posts to be wheeled into position when a game or training session has been scheduled. You should buy this type of goal post if you have artificial grass on your field. However, make sure that the wheels on the goal posts can turn in different directions so that it will be easy to move the goal posts easily. You should also ensure that the wheels on your chosen goal posts don't buckle, as the goal posts are being moved.

Consult an professional, such as those at Adda Flagpoles Pty Ltd, in case you need additional information before you make a final decision. That expert will advise you about the specific features (such as how much room should be available within the net) that you should pay attention to for the age group that will be using those goal posts at your school.